The 2017 Green Hospitals Asia Conference will take place in Taipei, Taiwan on October 20 and 21, 2017. The conference, organized in partnership with the Health Promotion Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Health, the Taiwan Society of Health Promotion Hospitals, and Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, will bring together health systems, health organizations, and hospitals from across the region to tackle the role of health care in addressing environmental and public health issues.

Fostering Low-Carbon Health Care

The Conference theme “Fostering Low-Carbon Health Care” expands on previous years’ focus, challenging the health sector to take a leadership role in addressing the public health impacts of climate change.

Working with government and intergovernmental agencies, GGHH promotes the transformation of hospitals and health centers into low-carbon facilities. This year’s conference will highlight how to achieve this through green procurement, safer chemicals, and investing in renewable energy.

New conference logo

This year, the Conference launches a new logo that reflects GGHH’s vision of building a community of green and healthy hospitals and health systems that openly collaborate and share experiences with one another. Inspired by Asia’s diverse cultures, the logo represents how exchanges between hospitals across the region enrich the global environmental health movement.


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