October is a particularly special month for GGHH this year – it’s our 10th anniversary! In 2011, Health Care Without Harm launched GGHH with the ambition that it would grow into a powerful global network supporting institutions in their transformation to sustainable, climate-smart health care.

And grow it did!

On our 10th anniversary, we are honored to announce that the GGHH network has reached a new milestone – 1,500 members! Each year, we’ve seen new members join from new parts of the world. We’ve welcomed institutions ranging from rural health clinics to national ministries of health, private health systems to public hospitals. It is this diversity that is at the heart of GGHH.

GGHH Asia conference – 2013

Equally important to this growth is the ambition that GGHH members are taking to new heights. From commitments to achieve net zero emissions, to implementing zero waste solutions, to developing innovative procurement programs, GGHH members are raising the bar and continually re-defining what truly sustainable health care can and should be. 

To support our members in reaching these ambitious targets and objectives we have built a robust suite of tools and resources over the last 10 years. From cutting edge data collection and calculation tools in our Hippocrates Data Center, to comprehensive guidance documents on the GGHH sustainability goals, to GGHH Connect, our virtual hub where members can engage and collaborate with each other from around the world, we have strived to develop innovative and impactful resources to educate and equip GGHH members for sustainability success. 

Over the last decade we’ve seen sustainability move from a side project into the core of health care’s mission to protect people and the planet. GGHH members have been at the forefront of this movement. As we look to the next decade, we are excited by the success we know the GGHH network can collectively achieve and are committed to continue to work together to make this transformation of the health care sector a reality. 

Nick Thorp

Network Director

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals