In April of 2018, UNDP and Health Care WIthout Harm held a three-day Orientation, Planning and Inception workshop in Istanbul, Turkey to launch the Sustainable Health in Procurement Project.

The workshop brought together more than 60 participants including representatives of the governments of the project countries, UN agencies, civil society and technical experts from across the globe. The workshop aimed to introduce SHiPP to the participants as well as use the opportunity to orient them on the relationship between environment and climate change on health outcomes and more specifically the role that sustainable procurement can play to positively impact health outcomes. The workshop also discussed the synergies with the multi-agency platform Sustainable Procurement in Health Sector (SPHS) and explored complementarity.

A report on the event is now available that contains background information that was presented to participants, summarizes work-shop discussions and identifies priority areas of work at the country level. The annexes include the workshop agenda, list of the participants, presentations made during the workshop including the posters that each country presented and the end evaluation.

Download the full SHiPP Inception Workshop Report.