Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) is pleased to announce the worldwide release of its 2017 Annual Report

It was a monumental year for GGHH. We launched new GGHH partnerships and programs in China, India, and several countries in Africa to support the development of sustainable health care systems and expand GGHH.  We collaborated with the World Bank to publish a report on strategies to achieve climate-smart health care. We rolled out the Green Health Challenges– a data-driven initiative, designed to help healthcare organizations commit to sustainability goals and track their own environmental projects and efforts.

In 2017 the GGHH network experienced record growth with both the number of institutional members and the hospitals and health centers represented by them increasing by over 30%.

Download the annual report (in English)
Download the annual report (in Spanish)

In fact, we are excited and proud to announce the achievement of our biggest milestones to date:

GGHH has reached its 1,000th member!

From South Africa to Sweden, Bhutan to Brazil and all points in between, there are GGHH members on every inhabitable continent working to reduce their environmental footprint and promote public and environmental health.

Thank you to each and every one of our GGHH members for your dedication and determination and for joining us to achieve large-scale change around the globe. We look forward to continue to work and collaborate with you all as we set our sights on new, ambitious goals. Together, we form a powerful collective and voice that can transform the health sector.