As governments around the world set out to devise a pathway and steps forward to combat climate change, each and every sector will be required to address their own impacts and forge a path to a low carbon future.  A global, collective effort is needed now more than ever to protect the future health of the planet.

As it has been many times in the past, the health sector is uniquely positioned to serve as a leader, catalyst and example for the world to follow.  YOU are these climate leaders, catalysts and examples…and we have the pathway to achieve transformational change and demonstrate our impact: the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge.

Comprised of 3 main pillars: Mitigation, Adaptation, and Leadership, the 2020 Challenges invites hospitals, health systems, and health organizations to pledge to take real action on climate change and join together with others from around the globe to create a unified and powerful voice.  Since launching in April of 2015, the 2020 Challenge has grown to include 75 participants from 21 countries that represent the interests of over 9,000 hospitals and health facilities.

Whether your organization is starting to develop a low carbon development path for the future or setting ambitious targets and programs to reduce its climate impacts ans stand resilient in a changing world, we welcome you to join us in this important movement as together we, the global health sector, lead the way.  Are you up to the Challenge? We believe you are. Join us!