After launching in April of 2015, the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge, a global initiative of Health Care Without Harm, has quickly grown to 32 participants that represent over 1,200 hospitals and health centers at the forefront of health care sustainability from around the world.  Participants include hospitals, health systems, and health organizations such as the NHS Sustainable Development Unit (UK), Kaiser Permanente (US), University Health Network (Canada), Stockholm County Council (Sweden), and Gundersen Health System (USA).

Each participant has endorsed the 2020 pledge and taken on the challenge to reduce their carbon footprint, prepare for the impacts of climate change and take a leadership role in educating their community and policy makers to protect public health. In addition to the efforts of each individual organization, the growing 2020 Challenge community is a collective movement toward low carbon health systems that can mitigate their own climate impact, save money and lead by example.

Are you up to the 2020 Challenge? Would you like to join this global effort? If you are a hospital, health system, health center, or health organization, joining is a few quick steps away.  All participants are required to sign the official 2020 Challenge pledge, set target goals for the year 2020, and submit yearly data to track your progress.

Whether you are just starting on this work or have been engaged in it for years, whether you are setting large targets or small…all are welcome to join and collectively work to transform the health sector and protect public and environmental health.

Full list of US participants in the 2020 Challenge:

  • Dignity Health
  • Gundersen Health System
  • Hackensack/UMC
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital

For more information, visit the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge website or contact us at