Global Green and Healthy Hospitals is excited to announce its new annual climate awards program as part of the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge.  The first set of awards will be announced in Paris during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change this December.

Hospitals, health systems, and health organizations around the globe are making incredible strides to reduce their impacts on and prepare for climate change. Now, through the 2020 Challenge, these organizations can receive global recognition for their leadership role in the movement toward a low carbon health sector and a healthy climate.

Awards cover multiple categories related to the three pillars of the 2020 Challenge:

1. Mitigation – Reducing health care’s own carbon footprint.

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Award
  • Energy Efficiency Award
  • Renewable Energy Award
  • Non-Energy Greenhouse Gas Reduction Award

2. Resilience – Preparing for the impacts of extreme weather and the shifting burden of disease.

  • Climate Resiliency Award

3. Leadership – Educating staff and the public while promoting policies to protect public health from climate change.

  • Climate Leadership Award

In addition, a Health Care Climate Champion Award will acknowledge those hospitals and health systems that have achieved success across all categories by raising the bar for low carbon health care and using their voice to catalyze transformative change.

To be eligible for awards, organizations must be an official participant in the 2020 Challenge while setting their targets and tracking their progress through the data forms on GGHH Connect (available in English, more languages to come).

At the end of each year, GGHH will evaluate submitted forms and distribute awards to qualifying organizations.



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