The 5th Green Hospitals Asia Conference will take place this 4-5 October 2018 in Khoo Teck Put Hospital, Singapore. This annual event will focus on the role of the health sector to tackle climate change through different areas such as green buildings, sustainable procurement, energy sources and environmentally-sound medical waste management.

The Green Hospitals Asia Conference is an annual gathering of hospitals, health organizations, and health systems in the region to learn from one another’s experiences and discuss the most pressing environmental health and sustainability issues in health care.

Health Care Without Harm – Asia is organizing the event through Global Green and Healthy Hospitals and invites participants to submit proposals for presentations until June 15th. The topic areas have to be related to sustainable health care around:

  • Leadership (leadership strategies for sustainable healthcare/positive health/health promotion/innovation)
  • Chemicals (non-EDCs/non-toxic healthcare/nanomaterials and nanomedicine in healthcare)
  • Waste (reduction/management strategies in healthcare)
  • Energy (energy efficiency/renewable energy)
  • Climate change & health (mitigation/resilience/leadership)
  • Water (consumption/reduction/reuse in healthcare)
  • Food (sustainable & healthy food in healthcare/food waste)
  • Pharmaceuticals (management/disposal of pharmaceuticals/antimicrobial resistance)
  • Buildings (sustainable buildings/green and healthy hospital design)
  • Purchasing (green and ethical public procurement in healthcare)
  • Education and stakeholder engagement (training/ professional development/engagement with nurses, staff, management, etc.)

To submit a proposal, click here.

For more information on this year’s conference, send an email to or For highlights of previous GGHH Asia conferences, click here.