Global Green and Healthy Hospitals participated in the International Zero Waste Cities Conference in Kota Bandung, Indonesia from 5-7 March.  With its theme, “Circular City is the Future City”, this year’s conference presented a new approach for policy makers in managing solid waste through economic and life qualities’ improvement of urban citizens.

Faye Ferrer, GGHH Coordinator for Asia, joined the event to speak about plastics in health care and sustainable health care waste management practices. She talked about the various sources of waste plastics from the health care sector and the necessity of moving towards their reduction and proper recycling.

As part of her visit to Indonesia, Ferrer visited GGHH member, the Sardjito General Hospital, who shared their latest health care waste management technologies and procedures. The visit concluded with Faye Ferrer signing Sardjito General Hospital’s commitment to the waste goal in order to do no harm to the planet and people.