The 4th Green Hospitals Asia Conference took place in Taipei, Taiwan on 20-21 October 2017. Over 300 participants gathered from around Asia and beyond to discuss and exchange strategies and approaches for the health sector to address climate change and its destructive health and environmental impacts.

“It is inspiring to find a multitude of hospitals, health systems and health organizations from different parts of Asia coming together to talk about de-carbonizing the health sector and strengthening it to withstand the devastating effects of climate change,” shares Faye Ferrer, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Coordinator for Asia.

The two-day conference provided participants with a view into the latest research and knowledge on climate-smart health care and opportunities for its implementation at their facilities:

  • Rosemary Kumwenda from the United Nations Development Program presented on Sustainable Procurement in the Health Sector.
  • Dong-Chun Shin from Yonsei University Health System in South Korea discussed the importance of leadership in achieving green hospitals.
  • Josh Karliner, International Director of Program and Strategy at Health Care Without Harm, emphasized that the significant and integral role the health sector can play in global action on climate change.

Breakout sessions dove into specific topics and focus areas such as green dentistry, renewable energy for hospitals, best practices in waste management, water treatment, and procurement.

“Climate change is a public health issue. It is caused by all sectors, including health care.  Now is the time for us to put health care back in the center of healing. It is imperative that the health sector works to decarbonize and foster climate-smart health care. In doing so, we can mitigate the environmental and public health impacts of climate change, become resilient, and inspire other sectors to do the same.” added Faye Ferrer.

The conference also hosted a GGHH Asia members’ meeting with representatives from 30 members attending. The meeting served as an opportunity to update the Asia member network on new offerings from GGHH such as the Green Health Challenges.  It also provided a venue for members from around the region to showcase and discuss their accomplishments with case study presentations. They included:

  • Healthy Food by Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (Singapore)
  • Waste Water Treatment by Maria Reyna Xavier University Hospital (Philippines)
  • Sustainable Health Care Waste Management by the Buddhist Dialysis Center (Malaysia)

The 4th Green Hospitals Asia Conference took place at the Jing Si Hall, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It was organized by Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Asia and made possible by the Health Promotion Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Health, the Taiwan Society of Health Promoting Hospitals and the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation.

The 5th Green Hospitals Asia Conference will take place on October 4-5 in Singapore and hosted by Health Care Without Harm – Asia and GGHH member, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

To access the presentations delivered by speakers during the conference, click here.