GGHH member Prince of Wales Private Hospital hosted a Sydney, Australia regional members’ meeting, during the hospital’s annual Green Week in which the hospital highlighted environmental sustainability.

“In many ways the meeting was like a live, in-person GGHH Connect community discussion, which crossed over several GGHH Goal Areas; mostly focusing on Waste, Energy, Purchasing and Climate. Some of the discussions also illustrated the interrelationships between GGHH Goal Areas, especially Waste and Purchasing”, explained Scott Slotterback, GGHH’s Policy Director, who attended the event.

During the meeting, participants shared recent sustainability successes at their hospital or health system, often with detailed information about key elements or actions that drove the success of the program. They also asked questions and requested advice on projects they are working on, while others in the group responded with explanations of how they solved similar issues and identified specific products and contacts that helped them resolve the problem they were addressing.

One particularly interesting discussion focused on how the waste mangers and the procurement team at Prince of Wales Private Hospital joined forces to persuade their printer manufacturer to reduce the packaging for printer cartridges to reduce waste. The discussions resulted in the manufacturer modifying the packaging for not just the hospital, but also all consumers.

The event was organized by the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), HCWH’s strategic partner in Australia. Fiona Armstrong, CAHA´s Executive Director and Carol Behne, CAHA’s Sustainable Healthcare Project Officer coordinated the event, along with Slotterback

Member participants included: Prince of Wales Private Hospital, South Western Sydney Local Health District, New South Wales Health, New South Wales Nurses & Midwives Association, Southern CrossCare, and South Western Sydney Local Health District. Matthew Power, a GGHH Connect expert on energy in health care facilities, also attended.