In 2016, five health care institutions participating in the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge from Brazil won Climate Champion Awards in recognition of their accomplishments in the areas of climate mitigation, resilience, and leadership. Over 40 institutions in Brazil are have pledged their commitment to protect public and environmental health from the impacts of climate change through the 2020 Challenge. Learn about the work being done by the winning institutions.

Associação Paulista para o Desenvolvimento da Medicina (SPDM): GOLD- Climate Leadership

SPDM has focused its climate leadership efforts on educating and engaging their health units on climate change and the 2020 Challenge. Through a series of events, meetings, and technical seminars the institution was able to engage 14 of its health units in the 2020 Challenge by the end of 2016.

Hospital Albert Einstein (Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein): GOLD- GHG Reduction (Non-energy)

The Hospital Albert Einstein substantially reduced its nitrous oxide emissions, which represent more than 70% of its total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This work was done with a multidisciplinary team that included anesthesiologists and environmental professionals from the institution. Through this work, the hospital was able to reduce its total GHG emissions by almost 7% and serve as important example for other Brazilian hospitals to follow.

Hospital Municipal de Mogi das Cruzes (Pró-Saúde – Associação Beneficente de Assistência Social e Hospitalar): GOLD- Renewable Energy and GOLD- Climate Resiliency

Hospital Municipal de Mogi das Cruzes installed solar panels for water heating as well as a  rainwater harvesting system to reduce its dependence on fossil fuel energy and local water systems.  These new installations will also increase its resilience to stay operational during extreme weather or other events that cut off access to municipal water and energy.

Hospital São Luiz – Unidade Anália Franco (Rede D´Or): GOLD- Energy Efficiency

The Hospital São Luiz – Anália Franco Unit reduced its energy consumption and increased its energy efficiency through the automation of its cold water plants. These actions also resulted in reduced equipment maintenance costs for the hospital and greater comfort for patients and staff  in the facility.

Hospital Sírio Libanês (Sociedade Beneficente de Senhoras Hospital Sírio-Libanês): GOLD- GHG Reduction (Energy)

Hospital Sírio Libanês invested in the construction of a new building that incorporated the most modern control and efficiency solutions for resources such as energy and water. The new facility, which has LEED Gold certification, has already achieved a significant reduction in the GHG emissions per square meter compared to previous years at its former facility.

Source: Projeto Hospitais Saudaveis