On September 3rd and 4th, Brazilian GGHH members participated in the 6th annual Healthy Hospitals Seminar (HHS).  The main national event on sustainability and environmental management in the health sector, the HHS is an initiative of the Centre for Health Surveillance of São Paulo’s Health Secretariat, the Paulista Association for the Advancement of Medicine, the Syrian Lebanese Hospital, Health Care Without Harm and the Healthy Hospitals Project.

This year the HHS focused on encouraging cooperation between health organizations working on sustainability.  The event included an award ceremony, a poster exposition and 34 national as well as 4 international speakers who discussed the latest developments in waste management, control of hazardous chemicals, reducing the consumption of water and energy, and sustainable procurement, among other related GGHH Agenda issues.

Over 600 participants attended the conference and round table discussions each day. In addition, 15 projects from different Brazilian hospitals received the “Friend of the Environment” Award sponsored by São Paulo’s Department of Health of São Paulo in recognition of their work over the past year.

One of the highlights of the HHS was the celebration of the first anniversary of the launch of GGHH in Brazil.  Almost all 100 Brazilian hospitals, health systems and organizations that are currently members of GGHH were in attendance to celebrate.