The Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Agenda forms the foundation of the Network, which is a project of Health Care Without Harm.

By endorsing the Agenda and committing to begin by implementing at least two of its goals, hospitals, health care facilities and health systems can join the Network.

Health, professional and academic organizations can also join the Network by endorsing the Agenda and committing to promote it to the hospitals and health systems they work with.

The Network is envisioned as a virtual community for hospitals, health systems and organizations seeking to implement and evolve the Agenda by charting progress in achieving measurable outputs, while sharing best practices and finding solutions to the challenges they share.

We are posting case studqies of best practices submitted by members and continue to share and develop tools to support implementation of all ten goals. All participants in the Network are also committed to an ongoing effort at continuous improvement and taking on a growing number of the ten goals over time.Building a Worlwide Network

To Join the Network click here.

The Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Agenda is available in: English, SpanishPortuguese and Chinese