Synergie Santé Environnement (SSE), a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and a founding member of GGHH, will conduct a new, 18 month long pilot project with 5 to 7 hospitals in the province to collect and recycle all plastics generated by their activities such as blue wraps, IV tubes and bags, bottles, and more. Healthcare facilities have a large impact on the environment, particularly in terms of the waste they generate.

Logo-2013-web-150x150Plastics from the health care sector are of particular concern due to the difficulty in finding collectors to process them. Therefore, plastics are usually sent to the landfill while they could be recycled and have a second life. The SSE project aims to:

  • Demonstrate the economic value of recycling plastics in hospitals: A system viable for recycling companies while providing financial savings for hospitals
  • Show full traceability on the future of plastics once they leave the hospitals.
  • Create local jobs: recycling will take place within a radius of less than 300 km from each hospital.
  • Develop a plastics waste management program (sorting materials, collection, packaging, storage, transport to the recycler) that can be replicated at other facilities in Quebec and Canada.
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of hospitals related to waste management, namely plastics.
  • Eliminate water pollution related to plastics that slowly degrade in landfills and leach in groundwater.
  • Provide participating hospitals with made out of recycled plastics (e.g. Bins, park benches)

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