On May 21st, 2015, Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals held a Workshop on Green Hospital Building and Management, inviting Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) to share knowledge and case studies on green hospital development and management with Beijing hospitals. Shimin Fan, Division of Infrastructure, Logistics and Operation of Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals hosted the workshop. Seventy leaders from 22 hospitals participated in the event.

UntitledSusan Wilburn, Sustainability Director of GGHH presented membership certificates welcoming Beijing Jishuitan Hospital and Beijing Shijitan Hospital as members of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals. Mr. Xin Yantao, Party Committee Secretary of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital explained the key elements of green hospitals in China to the group. She also shared knowledge and case studies on health care chemical and medical waste management with the participants.

Kathy Gerwig, Vice President of Employee Safety, Health and Wellness and Environmental Stewardship Officer, in Kaiser Permanente (GGHH member in the USA) also participated in the event and explained the U.S.A. based health system’s green hospital program focusing on clean energy, carbon reduction, water conservation and safe chemical programs.

Jiang Chao, GGHH Coordinator in China, introduced GGHH. Scott Slotterback, Policy Director of GGHH invited participants in the workshop to join the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge recently launched by GGHH and explained the Challenge.Scott Slotterback

Mr. Fan concluded the event summarizing that, in addition to the examples of ways to save water and energy, the detailed discussions on waste management and elimination of mercury were particularly relevant to hospitals in China. Saying he looks forward to expanding these programs into Beijing`s hospitals and that he looks forward to scheduling a similar workshop next year.

There are 22 hospitals under the management of Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals. Many of them have conducted green hospital projects, such as energy and water conservation and clean energy generation. The hospitals are striving for furthering their sustainable development and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. The collaboration between Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals and GGHH will enhance the effort committed by the Beijing hospitals and strengthen the global effort by health care sector to reduce environmental impacts and promote environmental health in communities.

Scott Slotterback, Susan Wilburn, Kathy Gerwig and Mr. Xin Yantao also participated in an all day session on Green Hospital Design and Construction at the 16th China Hospital Construction Forum, Hospital Build & Infrastructure China Congress and Exhibition, on May 24. The Congress was held in Dalian, China and attracted over 2,000 Chinese hospital decisions makers.

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Yatao Xin