For the past eight years, HCWH has collaborated the Health Care Foundation Nepal (HECAF) to build sustainable health care waste management systems in hospitals across one of the world’s most impoverished countries.

In respo nse to last month’s devastating quake, we have established an emergency fund to support HECAF  The Skoll Foundation has already pledged $25,000 to this fund as a match.  In other words, make a tax-deductible contribution, and your money is immediately doubled!   Your contribution will help:

  • Provide direct relief for HECAF staff who have lost homes and loved ones.
  • Keep sustainable healthcare waste management systems running in Nepal.
  • Provide disaster relief that builds a green, resilient health care system for the future.

After the devastating 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, we were relieved to learn that all of HECAF’s twelve amazing staff people are safe and sound.  Two, however, Krishna and Bishnu, who operate the autoclaves at Bir Hospital and the National Kidney Center in Kathmandu, lost their houses in the quake.

Despite these and myriad other tragedies, the HECAF team is hard at work keeping systems to treat infectious waste at Kathmandu’s overloaded hospitals running.

P1090286x[3]HECAF has done incredible work protecting public health and the environment under what are, in the best of times, challenging conditions.

Together, HCWH and HECAF have built waste segregation, recycling and autoclaving systems, as well as bio-digesters to generate energy from food waste in hospitals, introduced non-mercury-containing medical equipment and convinced the government to buy it for their hospitals.

HECAF has also brought 7 Nepali hospitals into our Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network.

Now HECAF is working overtime to keep these systems running, protecting public health from the aftermath of this unspeakable disaster.

So, please donate so that our country partner, HECAF can keep this important work moving forward.

In the words of HECAF Founder Mahesh Nakarmi:

“We need to work together to convert this tragedy to opportunity in the field of disaster and health care waste or Green Hospital in totality. So let’s put our hands all together and see what we can do to show a way forward to other countries for situation like this in future.”

Please make a tax deductible donation now!