Source: Health Care Without Harm – Europe

According to a factsheet released by Health Care Without Harm – Europe, improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost effective and simplest ways for the health care sector to reduce costs whilst improving both human and environmental health through reduced emissions and better air quality. The factsheet shows how low-cost behavior change programs can simultaneously increase energy efficiency and improve the quality of patient care in health care facilities.

While measures such as replacing energy systems with more efficient ones or using renewable energy sources will yield large, long-term financial savings and environmental and health benefits, they require large investments. As demonstrated by the case studies in the factsheet, simple, low-cost staff empowerment measures can also save significant amounts of energy and money.

The health sector exists to protect health. Hospitals and health systems have the moral responsibility and social obligation to be leaders in the fight against climate change by reducing their emissions and minimizing the harm they cause to human and environmental health.” says Ana-Christina Gaeta, HCWH Europe Climate & Resources Policy Officer.

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