GGHH is proud to announce that we have reached a new membership milestone- 700 members in 39 countries, on 6 continents representing the interests of over 20,800 hospitals and health centers. 700 members!

The growth and expansion of GGHH since we began 5 years ago has been exponential. It demonstrates how sustainable health care around the globe is expanding. It is becoming mainstream practice in facilities large and small, in areas rural and urban, and in countries on every continent.

The health care sector is taking a leading role in driving large-scale change to reduce its environmental footprint, and at the same time providing an example for other sectors to follow. Each and every GGHH member plays an important part in this transformation. We look forward to continuing our work together in the years to come to foster a healthy future for people and the planet.

GGHH members are using their innovation, ingenuity, and investments to transform the health sector and foster a healthy future for people and the planet. To learn about the accomplishments and successful projects, check out our Case Studies library.