Global Green and Healthy Hospitals proudly announces the launch of its series of Guidance Documents for members.

About the Water Guidance Document

The first of 10 Guidance Documents on each of the GGHH Goals, the Water Guidance Document helps health care leaders make the changes needed to ensure provision of potable water, reduce their water consumption, responsibly treat wastewater and minimize the environmental impacts of storm water runoff by identifying specific actions that health care facilities can take.

Table of Contents

This Water Guidance Document includes the following main sections.

About the Series of GGHH Guidance Documents

Written by experts in the field, and reviewed by their peers, these documents provide practical actions that GGHH members can take to reduce their environmental footprint and promote environmental health in each goal area.

How to Access the Guidance Documents

Starting in November, we will release the ten Guidance Documents one at a time over the course of a year.   This means that members will have access to a new Guidance Document on average roughly once every five weeks.   The documents will be available in GGHH Connect, a powerful multilingual Internet platform that allows members from around the world to meet, teach, and learn from each other’s experiences.

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