GGHH is proud to announce the launch of its brand new waste reduction measurement system (in English) as part of its online data center for members, available in GGHH Connect.

The Health Care Waste Management data form is part of the first international effort to take collective measurable actions to reduce the health sector’s environmental footprint.


This new tool will assist GGHH members to achieve their waste goals and to meet the principles of: reduce, reuse and recycle.  The assessment asks for your data on types of waste generated, methods of treatment and disposal.  The on-line dashboard will illustrate the different types of waste generated and sent to each treatment or disposal method.   It will also show the proportion of total waste that goes to the most environmentally sound treatment and disposal routes, such as non-burn disinfection and materials recycling.

Tracking waste treatment methods allows you to see what areas need attention and how you are advancing on the goal of sustainable health care waste treatment and disposal solutions.   The Sustainable Health Care Waste Management self-assessment is based on the Waste Guidance Document for GGHH Members, a guide that sets out ways to meet the target of treating waste in the most sustainable way considering that the different situations found in different countries will mean there is no perfect solution that will suit all circumstances.

Health Care Without Harm’s database of suppliers of healthcare waste treatment technology is another valuable resource that can help hospitals to find the right solution for them and GGHH Connect helps members keep in touch with experts and other community members with many years of experience in healthcare waste management in all sorts of environments.


Waste Form Launch JPG