On January 11, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation in Taiwan, a 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge participant and GGHH member, in partnership with GGHH founding member, Health Care Foundation Nepal (HECAF), observed Global Ethical Eating Day to promote vegetarianism and advocate for a healthier lifestyle while helping to protect the environment.

According to the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, “globally, 56 billion animals are raised and killed every year for human consumption. A large percentage of greenhouse gases come from the meat industry. From cutting trees to provide land for raising livestock, to producing large amounts of waste and methane gas which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide, human meat consumption is doing great damage to the environment”.

For more information on this campaign, visit the Tzu Chi Foundation website. 

To learn more about how your hospital or health system can reduce your carbon footprint through green initiatives such as healthier food choices, visit the Food tools and resources section on the GGHH website.