2017 has been an incredible year of growth for the GGHH network. We are excited to announce that we have reached another new membership milestone- 900 members! These milestones are coming more frequently, demonstrating not only the expansion of GGHH, but the growing interest and dedication of health care facilities around the globe to reduce their environmental footprint. The transformation to a sustainable global health sector is upon us and we are honored to be working with all of you to make it a reality.

A highlight of this most recent milestone comes from the country of Mexico, where 50 members joined GGHH over the last two months. Following a meeting that took place in January, these new hospitals and health centers became members to support their efforts in a new government project focused on climate change mitigation.

As we move forward, GGHH will continue to support all members in achieving their sustainability objectives as well as focus on bringing the network together as a collective voice, now a large and powerful one, to advocate for a healthy future four our communities and the world.

As of September 2017, GGHH has 900 members from 49 countries from all over the world representing the interest of more than 28.000 hospitals and health centers. See the list of members.