On 3 February 2021, the Andean Health Organization / Hipólito Unanue Agreement (ORAS-CONHU, for its acronym in Spanish) joined GGHH. 

Founded in 1971, ORAS-CONHU brings together the Health Ministries of Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela in a subregional integration body, with the objective of coordinating and supporting its members’ initiatives to improve public health.

In 2020, ORAS-CONHU published the Andean Plan on Health and Climate Change 2020-2025. The Plan’s overall goal is to contribute to reducing the negative impacts of climate change on public health, through strategies for its adequate and comprehensive management, increased resilience, intensification of cooperation networks, and progressive integration among the Andean countries.

Health Care Without Harm will work closely together with the ORAS-CONHU Secretariat and its member countries to support the implementation of this ambitious Plan, including through capacity building efforts that facilitate the estimation and reduction of the carbon footprint of the subregion’s health sectors. We celebrate their decision to join GGHH as a key step in that direction.