The beginning of a new year serves as an opportunity to make a resolution for positive changes and improvements over the next 12 months and beyond. While often associated with personal goals such as exercising more and eating better, organizations and companies can also set goals and resolutions to improve over the coming year.

For GGHH member institutions, now is a great time to resolve to reduce your environmental footprint and take on the Green Health Challenges!

Do you aspire to recycle more?
Will you make efforts to increase your energy efficiency?
Are you looking to improve the resilience of your facility to climate change?

The Green Health Challenges, a data-driven initiative, designed to help healthcare organizations commit to sustainability goals and track their own environmental projects and efforts, provide the perfect venue to make these resolutions official.

All of the Challenges, Energy, Waste, and Climate, contain a series of targets, indicators and focus areas that provide a pathway for individual members, and for the GGHH network as a whole, to measurably reduce their footprint.

Click HERE to take on the Green Health Challenges today and join your colleagues from around the globe in achieving environmentally sustainable health care.