A groundbreaking new guide available for GGHH members, featuring stories from 25 health care organizations around the globe, offers a roadmap to develop a sustainable purchasing strategy that prioritizes community and environmental health and safety while reducing costs.

Health care today has a dual challenge and responsibility: to lead in sustainable and equitable purchasing practices. The COVID-19 crisis exposed the fragility and vulnerability of our global supply chains. It also has given us an opportunity to move toward localized supply chains that not only reduce environmental harm but also provide local business opportunities and jobs. 

Health facilities are prioritizing sustainable procurement both for financial sustainability and for the benefit of their patients, staff, community, and planet. 

Sustainable procurement in health care can lead to:

  • Significant cost reductions through more efficient resource, streamlined processes, and labor management
  • Supporting uninterrupted operations during times of crisis
  • Attracting top talent and retaining employees for the long-term 
  • Driving cutting-edge innovation with suppliers to maximize procurement for performance 
  • Addressing inequities and health hazards embedded within the supply chain

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