Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD), a GGHH member from Australia, announced that it will be carbon and waste neutral by 2030.

The ambitious Sustainable Healthcare: Together Towards Zero initiative, is based on the organisation’s sights on an environmentally sustainable future. It will entail significant investment in solar power, water sustainability and energy efficient practices during the next decade to lighten and, eventually, eliminate the HNELHD’s carbon footprint. 



“We know 25 percent of all human disease and death in the world is attributed to unhealthy environments, like unclean air and water, and that health as an industry is a major contributor of carbon emissions,” they declared at the HNELHD’s website. “The reality is, it’s no longer possible to be committed to the health of our community without addressing the health of our environment. In response, we’re taking a giant step towards clean, green healthcare, investing in solar power, exploring sustainable water practices, reducing waste to landfill and much more”.


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