The U.S. Health Care Climate Council recently released a new tool that visually demonstrates climate impacts across a hospital.

The “Climate Action: A Playbook for Hospitals” is an interactive tool that also highlights examples of Health Care Climate Council members’ solutions that are improving climate and health, and saving money too.

Through the playbook, the U.S.’ Health Care Climate Council aims to inspire all hospitals to work together to decarbonize the U.S. health sector. The sector is responsible for approximately 8 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, and an average hospital uses twice the energy of an office building of the same size.

Explore the playbook, and download tools, including a PowerPoint, the PDF version, or a JPEG of a particular section. Use it to educate and inspire your fellow employees, the leadership within your health system, and your community. And visit the site regularly for new solutions from leading health care systems across the country.

This interactive site is also an effective tool for educating the public about health threats posed by climate change.

Access the Climate Action Playbook

About the U.S.’ Health Care Climate Council

In an effort to build a unified voice among hospitals committed to addressing climate change, Health Care Without Harm – US and Canada established the U.S.’s Health Care Climate Council. The Council’s mission is to amplify public and private responses to climate change. Learn more