Health Care Without Harm and Global Green and Healthy Hospitals present Climate Impact Checkup, a unique tool developed for any health care facility in the world to calculate and track GHG emissions.

With Checkup, organizations worldwide will be able to determine the footprint of their operations, pinpoint priority areas to target, and design effective mitigation plans tailored to their needs.

Launched on July 13, 2021, Checkup provides a starting point to measure, manage, and support mitigation goals and action planning no matter where the facility is located. For organizations participating in Race to Zero and the Health Care Climate Challenge, Checkup is the go-to tool for tracking and reporting emissions on the road to climate-smart health care.

The calculator estimates GHG emissions from health care institutions using data primarily from energy consumption, transport, waste management, and gases relevant to the sector. It then calculates the footprint based on national or local emissions factors. It enables health systems and facilities to benchmark their footprint against similar facilities in their country, region, and globally. Checkup also gives you access to a peer network, where members can share experiences and advice through discussion forums and a global community of practice. 

Climate Impact Checkup is exclusively for members of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals and, in the United States, Practice Greenhealth, and is available both online and in a downloadable spreadsheet.

Not a member yet? Now is a great time to join this network and access Checkup along with a suite of other resources to support your efforts toward sustainable, climate-smart health care.