Check out the new video from Health Care Without Harm – Latin America (Salud Sin Daño) to learn about their work and plans for the future. Join us! The Time to Act is Now.

The world is preparing to combat the biggest health threat of this century: climate change. Meanwhile, hospitals and health systems around the world continue investing efforts and resources to address diseases caused by pollution and climate change. In order to protect public and planetary health we have to act. It is impossible to have healthy people on a sick planet. Taking care of our health requires us to working towards the goal of universal access to safe water, unpolluted air and healthy food.

At Health Care Without Harm we know this. And in order to accomplish this goal, we have been working every day, for 20 years.

  • We have been training thousands of workers dedicated to the health of their communities and to the search for alternatives that do not harm the environment.
  • We facilitate the exchange between institutions working on sustainability and promote the transition towards the use of clean energy, transforming their organic residues into agro-ecological food, and collecting rainwater for use within the hospital.
  • We develop technical materials with hands-on actions to implement into each of the services.
  • We support and acknowledge the efforts of hospitals that reduce their environmental footprint and lead this change.
  • We have launched the campaign Baby Steps for a Healthy World for starting off well, right from the beginning, so that babies and children can live and grow in healthier surroundings.

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