Organized by Health Care Without Harm Latin America, the 2013 Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Conference will provide strategies to implement change and greater sustainability in the health sector by drawing on the real-world experiences of regional and international GGHH members, hospitals and experts.

The Conference will take place  the 14th-15th of November in Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be held entirely in Spanish.  It will focus on the following 3 presentation topics

  • Experiences and success stories from GGHH members on their work to reduce their environmental footprint and accomplish the 10 GGHH Agenda Goals.
  • An overview of the growth and expansion of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals since its launch in 2011.
  • The United Nations Environment Programme Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management—SAICM project to model sound chemicals management in the healthcare sector.
  •  Registration is free but there is limited capacity. For more information click here (in spanish).