The Association of Non-Government Hospital (ANGHOS), a new GGHH member in Nepal, organized a Symposium on Health Care Waste Management at Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, in Kathmandu, Nepal on 2 April 2017. The symposium was part of the 2nd Infection Control Assessment Workshop that took place from 30 March to April 2.

In this edition, a one-day symposium on Health Care Waste Management was also included as it is a crucial part in infection control. The goal of the event was to educate staff, patients and the general public on clear guidelines to control and prevent transmission of infection through health care waste.

ANGHOS, who has recently become the 14th GGHH member in the country, is an association of seven non-governmental hospitals. The hospitals under ANGHOS provide quality service to the public and are secular, non-political, not-for-profit, national level non-government organizations committed to health development.

Over 80 participants from hospitals and organizations in Nepal and around the globe attended the workshop. GGHH founding member and HCWH’s strategic partner in Nepal, Health Care Foundation Nepal (HECAF), also participated in the workshop with a presentations on Green Hospital and Green Technologies.

The event was divided into three sessions, during which there were presentations on:

  1. Government policies on environmental health and health care waste management.
  2. The perspective of the World Health Organization (WHO) on health care waste and environmental health.
  3. Experiences from GGHH members in Nepal and around the globe on strategies for effective and sustainable health care waste management. In this session, Moresa Reyes, from HCWH Asia, presented case studies highlighting the work of GGHH members in South East Asia and other regions; and Mahesh Nakarmi, Saraswoti Thakuri, and Urukshya Dongol, all staff from HECAF, delivered presentations on GGHH, the work of members in Nepal, and called on all participants to join the network.