GGHH is pleased to announce the launch of a series of resources, signs, and placards to engage staff on efficient use of energy in their institutions. 

In a unique collaboration with the award-winning program Operation TLC from Global Action Plan, GGHH members can now learn how to train staff to adopt behaviors that result in energy and financial savings save, whilst creating healing environments for patients.

“The Operation TLC resources make a fantastic addition to the GGHH suite of tools available to members. Health care facilities large and small, urban and rural, on every continent can achieve financial savings, reduce their environmental footprint, and catalyze their staff as sustainability champions with the TLC strategy,” Nick Thorp, GGHH Community Manager.

Since launching in 2013, Operation TLC has been adopted by a number of NHS Trusts in the UK, resulting cost savings of £580,000, improved patient experiences, and carbon savings of 2600 tons of CO2.

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