Scott Slotterback, GGHH’s Policy Director, presented virtually at the climate leadership symposium, “Sustainability at Auckland District Health Board (ADHB)…our commitment to Papakainga Atawhai”, held on November 29th in Auckland, New Zealand.

During his presentation, Slotterback discussed the health impacts of climate change, as well as the strategies and approaches that GGHH members around the world are employing to tackle this global health threat. He provided numerous examples of actions GGHH members and 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge participants are taking to mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the impacts of climate change and through their leadership actions, educate their physicians, staff, patients and communities and advocate for climate change policies that enhance human health and the health of the planet.

“The Auckland District Health Board (ADHB), and many other GGHH members around the world are aggressively reducing their greenhouse gas emissions“, said Slotterback.

The Symposium, hosted by the ADHB, was opened by Rosalie Percival, Chief Financial Officer for the AHDB, who set out the DHB’s bold and aspirational vision to being carbon neutral by 2050. She also congratulated the DHB on achieving it Certified Emissions program (CEMARS) rating for 16/17.

“We have reported a 21% reduction in carbon emissions since the program started in 2015. This is a pretty amazing result – and well ahead of our original target of 2% per year or 20% by 2025” said Percival.

The Symposium was an all-day event providing a learning opportunity and call for action within the health sector to take a leadership role in policy and planning for climate change. It also provided the opportunity to discuss sustainable practices, innovation and transitioning towards a low carbon organization.