Presentations and Inspiration for 2016

As we begin 2016, we do so full of energy, drive, and excitement, still riding the momentum of the Conference on Climate Change and Health Care and COP21 agreement that took place in Paris just over a month ago. 

These events demonstrated that not only is the interest of the health sector to transform itself at an all time highIMG_0780, but that this transformation to low carbon health care, to climate resilient health care, to health care taking a leadership role in advocating for policies to protect the planet from climate change has already begun.

In Morocco,Taiwan, France, Brazil, the United States, Sweden and points in between, we see the health sector employing its innovation, ingenuity, and investments to lead the way to a healthy future.  It is a truly international movement made up of many of the world’s foremost hospitals and health systems….a movement that is showing that climate mitigation, resilience, and leadership is becoming general practice at organizations around the globe.

We were honored to have representatives of many of these organizations join us in Paris at the Conference on Climate Change and Health to present their inspiring work and plans for the future. Now we are pleased to be able to share their presentations with you. They are all now available to download, learn from, and be inspired by  (please see below).

On behalf of all of us at Health Care Without Harm and our conference co-organizers, the French Hospital Federation and the French Federation of Private Non-Profit Hospitals, we would like to extend our sincere thanks for attending the conference, supporting our work, and being a part of this important movement.

As we move on from the Paris accord, it is not only the governments of the world that must take action to combat climate change. Each and every sector must do their part.  As a sector of healing, a sector of health, a sector trusted by so many… it is our duty to make this a priority and set an example for others to follow. Join us as we lead this effort together!


Keynote: Role and Responsibility of Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Gary COHEN, President and Founder, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) and Practice Greenhealth, United States

Panel 1: Hospitals, Territory and Energy: Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change

Panel 2: Hospitals, Energy and Climate Change: Renewable Energy and Carbon Reduction Strategies

Panel 3: Hospitals Carbon Emissions – Procurement of Pharmaceuticals, Food, Medical Devices, Transport and Logistics

  • Sonia ROSCHNIK, Operational Director, Sustainable Development Unit of NHS England and Public Health, England
  • Morten SORENSEN, Deputy Chief of Procurement Services Branch, UNFPA
  • Daniel BRIAND, Institut Saint Pierre, Palavas-les-Flots, FEHAP, France
  • Ming-Nan LIN, Vice Superintendent, Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan, China

Panel 4: Governance and financing of the energy transition

  • Sister Susan VICKERS, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Dignity Health, United States
  • Joe GRIFFIN, Head of Environment and Environmental Wellbeing at BUPA, United Kingdom