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Organized in parallel with the UN Climate Conference, this event brought together health care leaders from across Europe and around the world. Over 80 representatives from hospitals and health systems in France, Europe, the US, Asia, Africa and Latin America discussed strategies for reducing their carbon footprint, as well as healthcare leadership initiatives to protect public health from climate change.

The Conference was organized together with the French Hospital Federation and several other partners at the Georges Pompidou Hospital, one of the most modern hospitals in Paris, and also part of the public system.   The event featured a rich series of panels with speakers from a diversity of regions sharing in depth experiences on how to foster low carbon health care, including renewable energy, purchasing, economics and policy.

The conference was the culmination of a series of events HCWH had organized around the world in preceding months, which were designed to build momentum for the 2020 Challenge and health care engagement on climate change in general.


Keynote: Role and Responsibility of Hospitals and Health Systems

  • Gary COHEN, President and Founder, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) and Practice Greenhealth, United States

Panel 1: Hospitals, Territory and Energy: Strategies to Mitigate Climate Change

Panel 2: Hospitals, Energy and Climate Change: Renewable Energy and Carbon Reduction Strategies

Panel 3: Hospitals Carbon Emissions – Procurement of Pharmaceuticals, Food, Medical Devices, Transport and Logistics

  • Sonia ROSCHNIK, Operational Director, Sustainable Development Unit of NHS England and Public Health, England
  • Morten SORENSEN, Deputy Chief of Procurement Services Branch, UNFPA
  • Daniel BRIAND, Institut Saint Pierre, Palavas-les-Flots, FEHAP, France
  • Ming-Nan LIN, Vice Superintendent, Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan, China

Panel 4: Governance and financing of the energy transition

  • Sister Susan VICKERS, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Dignity Health, United States
  • Joe GRIFFIN, Head of Environment and Environmental Wellbeing at BUPA, United Kingdom


2020 Challenge 2015 Awards

At the Conference, we issued our First Annual 2020 Challenge Climate Champion Awards to 15 Challenge participants from 5 continents for their achievements in carbon mitigation, climate resiliency, and climate leadership. From health systems in Taiwan preparing for the impacts of climate change; to systems in the US making major in energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass; to New Zealand, where major work has been undertaken to improve efficiency and reduce energy use in existing facilities, the 2020 Challenge Climate Champion award winners for 2015 are made up of leaders from the global health sector at the forefront of the movement towards low-carbon health care.