George Hospital, a GGHH member located in Western Cape province in South Africa, received a special feature in the George Herald for its efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and protect the health of their community.

Source: George Herald

Michael Vonk, the CEO of the hospital, said, “In line with the GGHH agenda, staff at George Hospital recognise that we cannot have healthy people on a sick planet and have committed to put George Hospital at the forefront of a global movement for environmental health.

“Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and support staff are playing leadership roles in transforming the hospital and becoming advocates for policies and practices that promote public environmental health.”

These environmental health problems are increasing pressure on, and eroding the capacity of, already thinly stretched healthcare systems, explains Vonk. “Meanwhile, the health sector itself is paradoxically contributing to these very environmental health problems, even as it attempts to address their impacts.

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