Global Green and Healthy Hospitals members Stellenbosch University and Khayelitsha Hospital travelled to share their sustainability programs at the Fourth Edition of the annual Africa Health Congress held in Johannesburg, South Africa between the 5th and 6th of May 2015.

Sustainability coordinators from each hospital presented at the Public Health Conference, organized by Africa Health in association with the Public health Association of South Africa (PHASA).


The topics presented in the following sequence were:

  • “Global Green and Healthy Hospitals: Global and African overview and context”, by Luqman Yesufu, GGHH Africa Membership Outreach Coordinator from partner organization groundWork.
  • “Energy efficiency and cost saving at Khayelitsha Hospital”, by Annelene Du Plessis, Support Service Manager, Khayelitsha Hospital.
  • “Reduction in energy usage at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences”, by Eben Mouton, lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University”.

Both members presented under the theme of “Leadership and Universal Health Coverage” with the session moderated by Julia Moorman, President of the Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) and Dr. Waasila Jassat, Clinical Advisor of the Aurum Institute in Johannesburg.

This event was significant for GGHH and its members as it was the first opportunity to present the initiative and the work and success achieved at hospitals from around the region to this audience. Each member representative presented the details of their organization’s efforts to reduce their environmental footprint including: specific projects and programs, successes, and plans for the future. The passion, dedication, and impressive achievements shown by the Sustainability Coordinators was of great interest to the audience and created a desire to replicate these programs and initiatives at other hospitals on the continent.

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Objectives of the Public Health Conference

  • To explore the link between quality of healthcare services and universal health coverage.
  • To discover South Africa’s plan towards eliminating malaria.
  • To review regional and international approaches to the Ebola outbreak.
  • To evaluate the need for good leadership, implementation and management strategies.
  • To discuss the global burden of NCDs – the silent epidemic.

About Africa Health, Conference Organizers

Africa Health is the continent’s largest healthcare exhibition and is the leading platform for the industry to meet, learn and do business. The exhibition attracted more than 7000 healthcare professionals and hosted 500 of the world’s leading healthcare suppliers, manufacturers and service providers. Thousands of new healthcare products, equipment and services were showcased by the main players in the industry. Africa Health provided an opportunity for participants to see the latest technologies on display and test them out all under one roof.