New, tailored analysis on sustainability trends and emerging issues

Practice Greenhealth (PGH), GGHH’s implementation arm in the U.S., announced the launch of tailored reports that will offer deeper analysis on the sustainability trends and emerging issues that are most important to their members.

The streamlined approach also makes it much easier to find and share relevant trends and data points with essential staff across facilities.

Introducing Engaged Leadership and the Value of Sustainable Health Care
At a time of change and uncertainty, health care sustainability programs can offer a return on investment that clearly aligns with key health care priorities. Last year, individual hospitals in the U.S. saw cost savings up to more than $4 million annually by integrating a myriad of different sustainability initiatives.

PGH’s newest report, Engaged Leadership and the Value of Sustainable Health Care, highlights trends, emerging issues, as well as the strategies and tactics hospitals are using to deliver the most value from sustainability programs.

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Data, data everywhere
The benchmark data tables will now live as a standalone resource. The 2017 sustainability benchmark data tables are broken out into 10 distinct benchmarking profiles, covering a range of different components that make up a successful health care environmental stewardship program. This data can assist PGH members in identifying key sustainability program opportunities by benchmarking their program’s performance with other Practice Greenhealth members.

Download the data tables