GGHH is excited to announce that Northampton General Hospital, a GGHH member since 2012, won the 2014 award for Overall Outstanding Achiever from Investors in the Environment.  Investors in the Environment is a UK based environmental accreditation scheme that each year hands out awards.  In just its first year of eligibility, Northampton General, an NHS Trust hospital, took home top honors for its work to improve sustainability and reduce their environmental impact.

Dr. Clare Topping who manages energy and sustainability projects at the hospital commented, “It shows how much you can achieve, even if a lot of the projects are smaller.”  Dr. Topping has the hospital engaged in a wide variety of sustainability work ranging from the recycling of x-ray scans, to paper use reduction, to the recycling of hundreds of tons of materials each year.  They also achieved an absolute reduction in carbon emissions from their buildings by 12.4% since 2010 despite patient numbers increasing each year.

Congratulations to Dr. Topping and Northampton General Hospital for their great achievement in being a leader in health care sustainability. To get in touch with Clare and learn about her experience, access GGHH Connect.

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