The Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI), GGHH founding member representing the U.S. healthcare sector in this global forum, released their third Milestone Report. The Milestone Report and hospital case studies illustrate the progress that any hospital can realize, regardless of size or location.

In HHI’s third year, 2014 marked the submission of more than 900 sets of data, tracking progress in six “Challenge” areas: Engaged Leadership, Healthier Food, Leaner Energy, Less Waste, Safer Chemicals and Smarter Purchasing.

hhi‘Time, experience, wisdom, creativity, perseverance—a willingness to be the first. These words describe the contributions the sponsoring health systems offer to the Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI). Each has their unique approach to healthier environments—from the first to make a public announcement to phase out flame retardants from furniture, to those who sat down with food services contract management and distribution companies to tackle challenges around healthy food and phasing out the nontherapeutic use of antibiotics in meat. These are envelope-pushing, early-adopting change makers, who individually and collectively understand the importance of environmental innovation, resilience, data and information-sharing. They are HHI’s sponsoring health systems.’, hightlights the report.

Download the 2014 Milestone Report

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