More than 600 pharmaceuticals and their metabolites have been found in the environment worldwide. They pose serious threats to human health, including antimicrobial resistance.

In a recently released video, Health Care Without Harm – Europe explains the problem of pharmaceuticals in the environment. This video has been published as part of their Safer Pharma campaign, which aims to protect the environment from pharmaceutical pollution at all stage of their life cycle. Find out more at

The healthcare sector is undertaking numerous upstream initiatives around the world to reduce the harmful effects of these pharmaceutical residues. They include:

  • Encouraging pharmaceutical companies to green their production methods and to achieve a one-step disposal;
  • Informing patients about safe disposal methods for unused or expired medicines;
  • Reducing, prescribing, and choosing the least environmental-hazardous medicines.

GGHH Case Studies

Browse our library of case studies and learn about the work of GGHH members on Pharmaceuticals. Healthcare institutions around the globe are already taking measurable actions to avoid the effects of pharmaceuticals in the environment.