We are excited to kick off the 2018 GGHH Global Webinar Series featuring one of our organizational members, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH).

Since 2008, CSH has been exploring methodologies and metrics that can help to transform models of care. They work with key partners to engage healthcare professionals, patients and the wider community in understanding the connections between health and environment, and to reduce healthcare’s resource footprint.

Rachel Stancliffe, Founder and Director of CSH, will present an overview of the organization and its programs and resources, including its much acclaimed, clinical Sustainable Specialties Programme.

About the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is well known for its work on sustainable healthcare in research and practice.

Their programs seek to inspire healthcare professionals to develop sustainable models of care. They provide tools and resources to empower and enable individuals and groups to make their own changes and to transform practice. Recognizing that the natural community of practice in healthcare is most often the specialty, the Centre has developed its Sustainable Specialties Programme. This program inspires leadership and produces practical changes within the healthcare system, with focus areas including:

  • Mental Health
  • Dentistry
  • Kidney Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Respiratory Care

Visit CHS’s website: https://sustainablehealthcare.org.uk/.


The webinar will take place in two sessions to accommodate a variety of time zones on March 1st, 2018:

Session 1:

  • 6 am Argentina Time
  • 9 am Greenwich Mean Time (United Kingdom)
  • 10 am Central European Time
  • 11 am South Africa Standard Time
  • 2.30 pm India Standard Time
  • 2.45 pm Nepal Time
  • 5 pm China Standard Time and Philippine Time
  • 8 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

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Session 2:

  • 9 am Pacific Standard Time
  • 12 pm Eastern Standard Time
  • 2 pm Argentina Time
  • 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time (United Kingdom)
  • 6 pm Central European Time
  • 7 pm South Africa Standard Time

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Rachel Stancliffe: She is the Founder and Director from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in England, UK. Rachel has a first degree in Human Sciences from Oxford where her interest in systems thinking and population health was stimulated by Muir Gray. Following an MSc in Demography from the LSE, she worked in public health in the UK on population profiles and needs assessments using census data. She then spent 5 years in Moscow, Georgia and Kazakhstan where she worked for Save the Children, The Norwegian Refugee Council, UNDP, Unicef and the Red Cross on projects including capacity building for the government, running household surveys and writing the Human Development Report. Moving back to Oxford, she helped to develop The Cochrane Library for its first ten years. She is also a founding Director of the Community Interest Company, Global Healthcare Information Network and is on several Boards including Patients Know Best, Oxfordshire Local Nature Partnership and the Climate and Health Council.